Friday, September 17, 2010

Smart Things

In no particular order.

John Scalzi on either writing matters enough to you that you find the time to write. Or you don't. Harsh but true.

Douglas Martini on dating writers. Both funny and a fair amount of truth to be found here.

Cat Valente on what a con takes out of you if you're doing it as a pro and part of your job.

On a related note, Lilith Saintcrow on the costs of writing. It isn't easy and it isn't effort free.

Kristin Nelson on the incredible power of story. This one makes me quite snuffly.

Kristin Nelson on interesting developments in the ebook market, and why royalties are almost certainly going to go up if publishers want to keep writers in the fold.


Chrystoph said...

Regarding the comments about writers, the thing that I found scary and/or disturbing is that you can replace the word writers with the words "computer geeks" or "gamers" and it works equally well in most of the cases.

Eleanor said...

I don't agree with Scalzi and will probably write a post in reply.