Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Morning Bits and Pieces

I followed Lucienne Diver's link on Twitter to this: Misty Massey: What They Really Mean, which is a humorous take on what reviewers are saying when they review your book. I didn't find it particularly laugh-out-loud, but I'm also extremely lucky that haven't gotten that many negative reviews... except for the one I can still quote almost verbatim, which ended with the line: "Less of Morehouse is better." :P

Also, the October issue of Apex is up.

I'd also like to point out the continuing discussion in the comments of the post about Self-Promotion, an Argument For. Perhaps ironically (tellingly?), only Wyrdsmiths have weighed in... which makes a case that none of us know anything about promotion, since we seem to be the only ones reading our blog. Or, perhaps makes my/their case that only stellar content attracts readers (depending on whether you believe this blog has is or doesn't have it.) :-)


tate hallaway said...

Wow. Even when I'm vaguely inflammatory, there's no response....


Anonymous said...

(chirp chirp)