Friday, December 03, 2010

Misconceptions about Publishing

This is an interesting article about Common Misconceptions about Publishing.

This one is my favorite, as it makes me feel a LOT better about being mid-list:

"1. It’s all about the front list.

The front list gets all the attention because new things almost always do and the books on the front list are by definition new. Also, an editor’s reputation may live and die with her choices of what to publish next. But a publisher’s real asset — the majority of its good will, in business parlance — is the backlist, those books that deliver steady sales year in and year out. It’s the ballast in the ship, the revenue that keeps the lights on. It’s the main reason why some entity would bother to buy an existing publishing house at all. And the absence of a backlist is the reason why newly formed publishers often prove short lived, even despite occasional front list success."

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