Saturday, February 05, 2011

Boosting the Signal*

Because I'm that person who talks to everyone, I had an interesting conversation with a virtual stranger today at the coffee shop. It came up that I'm a writer and she asked me a question very few people ask. She said, "Is that a good job? Do you like it?"

I told her the truth. My job is the best damn job EVER.

One of the perks that never occurred to me when I was first starting out was the free books. Two good friends of mine have asked if I'd be willing to blurb their babies, and I'm always happy to say yes, even though I'm always baffled that *my* name could actually contribute to any book's success (given what little help it's given my OWN work.) At any rate, I got to read a novel/la by my friend Keith Hartman. It's being published by Pyramid Press and it's called MURDER BENEATH THE BURIED SKY. Here's the Kindle edition. Narf it up. It's cheap (3.99!), and it's AWESOME. I don't want to give too much away, but I found it to be very a engaging science fiction murder mystery. Did you like that section in the HUNGER GAMES series when Gale and Katniss are at District 13, underground? Well, this is like that, only better.

Go read it. I swear you won't be disappointed. Plus, it's going to take you like two hours to read the whole thing. It's that kind of book that pulls you in and you wake up when it's all over and think, "dang, that was great."

Anyway, speaking of writing. I must go do my own. Alas!


*x-posted pretty much everywhere. I really, REALLY liked this book.


Douglas Hulick said...

Are there plans for an alternate format, for those of us who don't Kindle (but do other e-readers)? Or even a POD option or some such down the line?

tate hallaway said...

Doug, I think so. I actally got a print version (I don't have a Kindle either) and Keith has a publisher, Pyramid Press, but I couldn't find a quick and dirty link to the paper version.

I'm sure it's out there.

Eleanor said...

Yeah. I have a Nook.

Eleanor said...

Just checked. It is not available on Nook right now, per the Nook site.