Friday, March 25, 2011

Now for a Brief Commerical Interruption...

If you can, PLEASE stop by Uncle Hugo's tomorrow from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. I will be signing copies of RESURRECTION CODE. You can find Uncle's at 2864 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55407. If you would like directions or any other information about the signing or the store, you can call (612) 824-6347. Also, if you are out of town and would like to still get a signed copy, Uncles will fill mail orders. For information contact Don Byly at or check out:

Plus, this is a *New and Improved Signing* -- Now with 100% more author! I will be sharing my signing with Neve Maslakovic. I already want to love her book REGARDING DUCKS AND UNIVERSES, for this line in the product description: "On a foggy Monday in 1986, the universe suddenly, without warning, bifurcated."

Think of Neve if not me! This is her first book. Let's all pitch in to give her an awesome signing, shall we??

Then again, maybe it would be better, ultimately, to let poor Neve sit there with the crickets. I mean, that is the typical book signing experience us non-super-star-Steven-King-/-J.K.-Rowlings-/-Neil-Gaiman types have. Some how I doubt there will be such clamouring for either of our books that Uncles will need to pass out numbers or anything.

*Longing sigh*

I tell you that's still a dream of mine. I'd love to come into a crowded bookstore to the flash of a thousand cameras and get that whole author as rock star experience.

You could fulfill a live long dream of mine. Come to Uncles! Bring your posse and the paparazzi.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't be there, but CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!


Douglas Hulick said...

There were books, there were authors, there was chewy fruit-flavored candy. It rocked. :)