Friday, March 18, 2011

Signings and Sightings to Come

I seem to be all over the web this week. (Okay, not as much as some/many, but a lot for me). Or, rather, I should say  me and my book.

Stefan Fergus over at Civilian Reader was good enough to not only interview me, but also provide a nice review of Among Thieves over on his site. Likewise, the people at Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews seemed rather taken with the book; enough so to have also been inspired to write an essay about what they look for in "Good Fantasy" as well (color me extremely humbled and flattered to be associated with such a notion).

And, as long as I'm rattling on about me, I will also mention that sharp-eyed readers will be able to spot me doing writerly things (a reading and signings) at two different locales in the Twin Cities in April.*

On Tuesday, April 5 (my book's release date!), I will be at the Har Mar Barnes & Noble in Roseville, MN, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, doing a reading followed by a signing. Directions & info here.

Then, on Saturday, April 16, I will be signing books at Uncle Hugo's in Minneapolis, from 1:00 -2:00 pm. More info here. (Hugo's, btw, has a great program where you can request an autographed book, even if you can't make the signing. Details on the web site.)

And, lastly, because all the cool kids (Lyda/Tate) are doing it, I will be featured as one of the Big Idea authors on John Scalzi's blog, Whatever. That happens on March 31.

A signing date and locale are still being arranged for Madison, WI, as well, but all indications are good that I'll be able to make it down there in April for a signing. More details as they develop.

*Patrick Rothfuss has pointed something out about the etiquette of book signings over on his blog that I though I'd paraphrase (and no, I'm not talking about crowd control -- I have no illusions about that being a problem at my signings :). Basically, it's this: the book stores we authors appear at put a lot of work into arranging signings and readings, from clearing space to setting up and taking down chairs, to even (in some cases) providing snacks. It's a lot of work. Part of this also involves them ordering in a lot of extra copies of a book so there are plenty on hand for people to buy to get signed. And while it's awesome that they are willing to have writers like us in there, they are also hoping to move a few books because, you know, it's what keeps the lights on and people working. 

So, it's generally good for both the author (who would like to be invited back to the store for more signings) and the store (who'd like to invite the author back) if people buy their copies of the book at the signing, rather than walking in with a stack they bought on-line, for example. That isn't to say that if you spent the last fraction of you paycheck on a copy elsewhere that I won't sign your book -- of course I will -- but if you haven't bought a copy yet, getting one at the signing would help everybody feel better. As Pat says, at base, it's just a good way to show your appreciation for the store hosting the event, as well as good manners.


Jon said...

Congrats on getting the scalzi blog. "big idea" is a big deal. Way to go. You should send out reminders

Douglas Hulick said...

Thanks, Jon. No pressure, right? ;)

I'll be sure do the reminder thing, too.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope B&N learned a lesson and orders enough copes this time! ; )