Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arts Count

Hey, all you Minnesotans! The Minnesota Start Arts Board is sponsoring an "Arts Count," wherein they try to get a sense of how many of us out here are engaged in, as they put it, creative expression. I filled it out, and it's super-short. It's also very friendly, in that, you are not required to make ANY money from your art (they do ask what percentage you make, but ZERO is an option.)

So, writers, dancers, musicians, poets, crafters, actors, playwrights, and generally creative folks -- stand up and be counted: MN Arts Count


Bill Henry said...

They're serious about getting as many responses as possible; I've gotten four or five e-mails from the Arts Board in the past month.

I was sad to tell them that I'd moved out of state, but the rest of you have no excuse: participate!

Kelly McCullough said...

I have an excellent excuse.

Bill Henry said...

Hmm, very true. Well, the REST of the rest of you—!