Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kelly's CONvergence Schedule

CONvergence starts tomorrow and I'll be there

Thursday June 30:

3:30 PM Interacting Maps with Literature:

Type: PanelLiterature
Venue: Bloomington
About: Mapping your literary worlds. Working with the world as we know it or creating something new. How important is it? Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Kelly McCullough, Daniel Wallace, Bob Alberti, Marguerite Krause, Matt Kuchta Tags Literature

5:00 PM Feynman Played the Bongos: When Science Meets Art

Type: PanelScience & Technology
Venue: Atrium 7
About: How art can be used to make science and math interesting and how science and math can be used to create arts Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Kelly McCullough, Bug Girl, Stephen King, Amy Davis Roth Tags Science & Technology, Skeptic

Friday July 1

3:30 PM Ask a Writer

Type: PanelLiterature
Venue: Bloomington
About: Always wanted to know how a novel is born? How does a writer structure their day? Is it all glittering parties and intelligent company? Come ask a panel of working writers anything. Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Anya Bast, Kelly McCullough, Seanan McGuire, Michael Merriam, Dana Baird, David Wilbanks Tags Literature, Writing

Saturday July 2
12:30 PM Happy Writers and Fast Writers

Type: PanelLiterature
Venue: Bloomington
About: There are any number of writers who talk about the agony of writing, both in terms of how long it takes them and how miserable it makes them. But that's not the only side of the story. A lot of writers love what they do -- that's why they do it. Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Anya Bast, Kelly McCullough, Seanan McGuire, David Wilbanks, Michael Merriam, David Walbridge Tags Literature, Writing

Sunday July 3
2:00 PM Stuff I Wanted to do but Didn't: Pitches that Failed

Type: PanelHot Dish
Venue: Atrium 4
About: Working in the creative industries, you get used to disappointment. The great ideas that never saw the light of day. Speaker/Artist(s) Info: Brian Keene, Doug Texter, Kelly McCullough Tags Hot Dish, Guest of Honor

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tate hallaway said...

Hopefully, I'll see you there, Kelly. Turns out I'll be in town this weekend, so I had CONvergence print up a badge for me.