Friday, June 24, 2011

Sea Monkey Diary: Day 11

Yesterday was another milestone day for the sea monkeys: their first scheduled feeding, five days after being hatched.

My poor little camera isn't really up to the job, but on the sixth day after inception, despite a long stretch of sunless days and suboptimal water temps, I'm happy to report that the sea monkeys are thriving.

This big bruiser is going to grow up to be their king.

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lydamorehouse said...

Oooooooh, awesome!

Bill Henry said...

Check back in four days for the next milestone event: the introduction of Plasma III (the mysterious and magical contents of the fourth and final pouch) into the habitat.

Network Geek said...

Nay, not a king, but rather their Emperor! With you as their GOD!

Sorry, got caught up in the moment.

Bill Henry said...

A friend on Facebook asked, "But where is her crown?"—which raises the excellent point of gender determination here.

We might well be looking at the queen and empress; only time will tell.