Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sidewise Award Finalist

Our very own Eleanor Arnason is a finalist for a Sidewise Award for Alternate History for her short story "Mammoths of the Great Plains."

Other finalists in the short form are:

Barry B. Longyear, “Alter Kameraden,” Asimov’s, 4/10
Ken MacLeod, Sidewinders, The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories, edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates, Robinson Publishing/Running Press
Alan Smale, “A Clash of Eagles,” Panverse Two, edited by Dario Ciriello, Panverse Publishing
William F. Wu, “Goin’ Down to Anglotown,” The Dragon and the Stars, edited by Derwin Mak and Eric Choi, DAW Books

"Mammoths of the Great Plains" is also a finalist for the 2011 Theodore Sturgeon Award. Others in Eleanor's catagory are:

"Under the Moons of Venus" by Damien Broderick (originally published in Subterranean Magazine, Spring)
"The Maiden Flight of McAuley's Bellerophon" by Elizabeth Hand (Stories: All-New Tales)
"The Sultan of the Clouds" by Geoffrey A. Landis (Asimov's Science Fiction, September)
"Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain" by Yoon Ha Lee (Lightspeed, September)
"Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance" by Paul Park (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January/February)
"Dead Man's Run" by Robert Reed (F&SF, November/December)
"Troika" by Alastair Reynolds (Godlike Machines)
"A Letter from the Emperor" by Steve Rasnic Tem (Asimov's, January)
"The Night Train" by Lavie Tidhar (Strange Horizons, 14 June)
"The Things" by Peter Watts (Clarkesworld, January)

CONGRATS to Eleanor!!

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Bill Henry said...

Congrats, Eleanor. Richly deserved!