Friday, July 29, 2011

Lyda's DiversiCon Schedule

Friday, July 29:

7:00-7:30 PM, Main Stage (Soo Line)
Scott Lohman, MC; David G. Hartwell, John Calvin Rezmerski, Lyda Morehouse, Joan Slonczewski, Eric M. Heideman; Vincent Price, C.L. Moore, in absentia

9:30-10:25 PM, Main Stage
Fiction Reading: Lyda Morehouse reads from the work of Lyda Morehouse and/or Tate Hallaway

Saturday, July 30:

1:00-1:55 PM, Main Stage
Panel: The Future is Serious Dark for 16 Year Olds
From Scott Westerfield's Uglies to Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games (even the final Harry Potter book, to some extent) there are a surprising amount of very dark futures topping bestseller lists. On a related issue: Why are so many Young Adult SF/F heroines emotionally distant murderers?

Lyda Morehouse, mod.; S.N. Arly, Naomi Kritzer, David Lenander, Michael Levy

2:00-2:55 PM Krushenko's (Room 101)
Panel: Captain America: The Comic, the Legend, the Movie
We'll take a breezy tour of the history of Timely/Marvel's early super hero icon, created (1941-)by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, then talk about the film that premiered July 22. Faithful rendition or fan fail? Did it live up to the hype, etc.? Current comic book lines we wish they'd tap for sequels.

Lyda Morehouse, mod.; Eleanor Arnason, Cynthia Booth, Roy C. Booth

3:00-3:55 PM Main Stage
Panel: YA Market Explosion
Some say science fiction hasn't produced many blockbusters in recent years, yet science fiction shows up constantly on Young Adult bestseller lists. Why? What's the crossover appeal of these works?

Lyda Morehouse, mod.; Roy C. Booth, Naomi Kritzer, Michael Levy, Joan Marie Verba

PM Railroad Lobby (near Registration)
Massive Autographing: David G. Hartwell, Joan Slonczewski, Lyda Morehouse, John Calvin Rezmerski, Roy C. Booth, Catherine Lundoff

Sunday, July 31:

Noon-12:55 PM Main Krushenko's Annex (Northern Pacific)
Panel: Thor: The God, the Comic, the Movie
We'll dip a bit into Norse mythology, dip a bit more into the comic created (1962-) by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, then consider the May movie. God-like or Thunderously Disappointing?

Lyda Morehouse, mod.; S.N. Arly, Eleanor Arnason, Roy C. Booth, Terry Faust

3:00-3:55 PM Main Stage
Discussion: The Works of Lyda Morehouse and Tate Hallaway
Come, talk and ask questions about the work of our Special Guest and her mysterious alter ego.

David Lenander, mod.; Lyda Morehouse. Sponsored by the Rivendell Group, a fantasy-book discussion group that has met regularly since late 1973 or early 1974.

5:00-5:30 PM Main Stage
Closing Ceremonies
Scott Lohman, MC; David G. Hartwell, Lyda Morehouse, John Calvin Rezmerski, Eric M. Heideman; Joan Slonczewski, C.L. Moore, in absentia


Paul Weimer said...

It was good to see you!

tate hallaway said...

It was great to be there! What fun!! (And I *so* always recognize you now, Paul, though I often think of you as your secret LJ name!)