Tuesday, July 05, 2011

So True it Hurts

A very depressing, if realistic look at the e-publishing "revolution" by Michael Stackpole.


Douglas Hulick said...

I think he raises some interesting points, but it (like some similar columns by Rusch and Smith) is a bit too breathless, IMO. There's absolutism to them that I have a hard time buying wholly into. If you're DWS or KKR or MS, this model holds a lot more immediate potential than it does for "Joe Newbie" or "Writer Without a Backlist." I worry it may steer some people--especially writers without any kind of reader base or "platform"--away from options they should at least consider before taking any plunge.

I'm not saying traditional publishing isn't changing, and that as writers we shouldn't pay attention and consider different options; but I also don't think we should write any of those options off from the outset. Different solutions fit different people and situations; no one answer is right for everyone. Sometimes the music from that end of the bandstand seems a little single-note to me.

Eleanor said...

I didn't find his piece depressing. I want to write more about publishing and marketing, but have to run to the Y. I agree with Doug, by the way. Don't write off traditional publishing yet.