Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two bits of writing news

1. My short story "What Happened at Blessing Creek" is in this month's issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show. You may need a subscription to get in and read it. I also wrote a "story behind the story" essay for the IGMS blog, which is not yet up. I'll mention it again when it goes live (or maybe I won't, and eventually Lyda will mention it for me...)

"Blessing Creek" is the story I wrote in response to the discussions surrounding mammothfail. It came out of me pondering what an honest story about the frontier from the white perspective might look like. The blog post talks about this in a lot more detail.

2. My short story "Isabella's Garden" is in this month's issue of Realms of Fantasy and I got my copies today. I really love the illustration they gave me. Isabella is based on my older daughter Molly at age two, but the mother is not at all based on me.


Eleanor said...

Cool! Do you mind if I feel a little envious? Two stories published at the same time!

lydamorehouse said...


Douglas Hulick said...

Awesome! Hurrah!

Kelly McCullough said...

Belated WOOHOO!