Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buried What Now?

Sometimes my subconscious digs up buried treasure and hands it over. Sometimes what it digs up just needs to have the dirt kicked back over it.

Sunday it produced 80 percent of a 1st draft at a poem that I'm fairly happy with. The words just spilled out of my brain and straight onto the paper. Treasure!

Today it gave me "Amaranth Bloodhagen First Lordmaster of Ghu." Excuse me? Amaranth Bloodhagen? That's not a name, it's an ice cream flavor for vampires. Which is doubly silly since everyone knows vampires are lactose intolerant.

*pauses, blinks*

You know, maybe my inner humorist could do something with that. The ballad of Amaranth Bloodhagen, perhaps? But, later, when the current book is done.


Eleanor said...

Kelly -- There is a story in that name. It's likely to be a silly story, but I think I would enjoy reading it.

Frank said...

it's an ice cream flavor for vampires

No, no, that's Amaranth Bloodhagen-dazs.

But you have to eat the cone slowly or you get fang-freeze.