Friday, October 07, 2011

Flyer for St. Paul Art Crawl This Weekend

I couldn't get the flyer text to load here, but it goes as follows:

Eleanor Arnason
Bill Henry
Douglas Hulick
Naomi Kritzer
Kelly McCullough
Lyda Morehouse (Tate Hallaway)
Sean Murphy
Adam Stemple

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Whatever Else We Feel Like


Patrick found a web site that lists book signings by the Wyrdsmiths all Saturday and Sunday. I didn't tell the Art Crawl to promise that. People who want signatures will have to make do with mine; or -- if asked -- I will sign for other Wyrdsmiths.

And the lovely image is by Bill Henry for our group's new cool website.

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tate hallaway said...

Wow we look impressive and that isn't even ALL our work. Super cool!