Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Cat Blogging

Turn the damn heat on, Monkey!


Evil IS my day job.


Om nom nom?


Shoot me now.


Noble Coconut is noble.


It's good to be the king.


I keel you with my mind.
Or, you could bring me another treat.



Eleanor said...

That white cat always looks mean.

Janet said...

Has White Kitty been checked for hearing loss? Her ears are always "cocked". I read somewhere, or my smartypants teenager told me that most white cats are deaf.

Isn't the second to last kitty on the blue bed one of Neil's also? Didn't that cat pass away?

But I do think my cats look at me and want me to turn the heat on, too :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Eleanor, the white cat, Princess, is a former feral and an evil old thing who has since become an evil old dear. She's pretty much as happy to bite you as to look at you, and everyone loves her to pieces.

Janet, Princess's hearing is fading, but that's a fairly recent development. She's about nine hundred years old in cat years. Kitty on the blue bed is Joey and a recent addition to what my friend Kyle calls the cats of castle Gaiman. Personality and appearance are nearly identical to Zoe, who passed away in the not too distant pass.

Janet said...

ohokay thanks KMc!

Yup he sure does look like Zoe. Catsle Gaiman. Typo MEANT :)

Poor Princess... she's not biting you. She's merely tasting. :)

It warms my heart to know you both adore pussiecats. My husband's main advice to Danni is:

If a date is rude or a jerk to the waitstaff... leave. Don't finish the date even. He's a jerk.

Never trust a man who has to publicly state how much they hate cats. He's a jerk.

Our rescue boy, Dylan, has ear mites AGAIN. Just a little bit. So we're going to keep some olive oil in his ears. Vet said it was okay.

I have a photo op idea for a possible Friday event for the furrballs of KMc Manor:

Occupy or Occupuss!