Friday, March 16, 2012

Paperback Writer!

Hey, guess what? I got my author's copies of the spiffy new mass-market paperback edition of TALL, DARK & DEAD. They look VERY cool. I've actually long been a fan of mmpbs (as the cool kids call them) because I've always seen myself as a paperback writer, as it were. Low-brow, entertaining. That's me.

But what this means, too, is that the paperback version is coming out soon. Run and order your copies! If you're a long time fan of my science fiction and have never ventured over to the dark side that Tate represents, I will say that I think Tall, Dark & Dead, though sexy and romantic, might appeal. It's one of my favorite Tate books, the other two being Dead if I Do and the not-yet-released Precinct 13. Go ahead, give it a try, I won't tell anyone you're reading a romance novel, and, honestly, with all the vampires and werewolves and such, you won't even notice! (You can skim the sexy bits, I won't mind in the least!)

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