Monday, May 21, 2012

Shamelessly Promoting Myself

Two of my editors are posting about works that I'm involved in.

First, Lynne Jamneck has posted links to an e-book version of Periphery, a collection of lesbian, SF erotica. My story "ishtaru" appears in it along with so many other amazing and talented writers. Check out what she says about it:

And completely reposted from his LJ is this from my editor, Michael Merriam:

Originally posted by mmerriamat Sky-Tinted Waters ToC #1 - Tutivillus by Lyda Morehouse

Lyda is one of the returning authors, having had a story appear in Northern Lights. Lyda is always a joy to be around at conventions and writer events: a bundle of energy and enthusiasm coupled with a sharp wit and keen mind. I picked "Tutivillus" because it is a fine tale, delving deeply into temptation and redemption without being heavy-handed, I placed it first in the anthology not only because of its strength as a story, but because I wanted to hit the reader hard and let them know this anthology was going to be full of surprises. “Tutivillus” originally appeared in the chapbook Tales from the Black Dog.

Sky-Tinted Waters is available from Sam's Dot Publishing.

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