Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I am thinking about two topics right now. (Actually, I am avoiding getting dressed and going to the library, but that will happen soon.) One is, what's happening to publishing?
The other is, what's happening to science fiction? I'm not sure I understand SF these days. I saw a collection of Sheckley short stories and Ubik in the new SF books section of Barnes and Noble and had an attack of nostalgia. I almost bought the books, because I knew they would be good, and I'd understand and like them.


Tyler Tork said...

There's a lot more diversity in the field these days, so there's maybe more of the stuff you don't care for, but I think there's new material out there to fit every taste, also. It's just a matter of finding it.

April said...

My friend is having a similar issue with Urban Fantasy. There is so much out there now that is fixated on romance and sex that the stories get shoved to the side and she despairs that she has 'read all the good ones' now and will never find any more.

I think the problem is that often we only see what is put before us and the most popular and most hyped books are what get put before us. We need to dig deeper on our own. What helps me is when authors show what their favorites are too. Diana Gabaldon has a 'methadone list' on her website where she adds in favorite books as she discovers them.