Saturday, September 22, 2012


I have two Apple computers at home, and a PC netbook which I take out. In addition, I post to a couple of blogs and am on facebook.

What this means is I do a lot of typing in different programs, often switching rapidly from one to another. Usually this is not a problem. But I keep looking for the like button when I read blogs, and sometimes strange things happen when I move among three different word processing programs. One of my stories has acquired an extra 2,000 words in the netbook version, which should be a copy of the Mac version. I made a brief attempt at finding the extra words, then decided to finish the story on a Mac.

Things that are simple and obvious to me in Word suddenly become a problem with the open source software on the netbook. I suppose I could decide to load Word onto all the computers, but that would mean spending money.

Anyway, not a big deal. But it surprises me how easily I can move among the programs and then how frustrating it is to suddenly not know how to do something very simple. Where is the line spacing in this program? How do I bold or center?


Mari said...

that's one of the biggest reasons i stopped using open office. open office is a good idea, but i don't like the way it functions.

Douglas Hulick said...

Word drives me nuts. I'm writing in Scrivener now, and plan to do revisions using LibreOffice (a better attempt at Open Office), which plays well with track changes (according to Charlie Stross, who I trust on the matter). I used to love WordPerfect, but it's not worth sticking with it and having to convert to yet one more format across machines.

If I could wave a magic wand and have Word not be the industry standard, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Eleanor said...

My default program is AppleWorks, though I am doing more in Word for Mac, because I have to convert everything to Word to send it out. I have LIbreOffice on my netbook, because I didn't want to buy Word for it.

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