Friday, December 07, 2012

It's HEEEEEERE.....!

Today's the day that shall live in infamy... and that the e-book version of Archangel Protocol comes out from Wizard's Tower Press. Hey, all my UK friends, it's in pounds sterling! I suspect the rest of us will wait for it to make its appearances in other marketplaces, which I've been told it will... eventually. In the meantime, be international! Buy this book!


The other thing I want to say about this book is: isn't the artwork amazing? The original cover artist, Bruce Jensen, is (after J. Michael Tatum,) probably the nicest guy on the planet. Not only did he donate his stunning artwork to us, but he also volunteered to do the graphic design for the cover. So view this masterpiece as the artist intended it! That last part will be particularly clear when we get to the fourth book in the trilogy.  I remember a lot of my readers were... well, kind of pissed off by the final cover. The font changed! The art was... different. Turns out, Bruce had actually had three working drafts of art for that cover and, since we were doing that book over, as it were, we ACTUALLY CHOSE COMPLETELY NEW AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN ART for Apocalypse Array. I can hardly wait to show it off. It's f*cking gorgeous.

Go forth! Purchase Christmas, Chanukah, Solstace, Kwanzaa, and/or Oseibo gifts NOW!!


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WooHoo. The cover art looks awesome.