Monday, January 07, 2013

All Ur Bandwith Belongs to Us

Apparently, I'm the only Wyrdsmiths with news lately.  I hate to be the only one posting here, but, uh... so there's like this interview with me over at Sense of Wonder.  They're the Spanish site that had such wonderful and amazing things to say about Archangel Protocol (e-book). 

So, uh, anyway, here it is:

If you have the time and inclination, check it out.  Otherwise the short of it is that I'm a huge dork waxing nostalgic for cyberpunk.  That is to say that I always feel awkward in interviews being a Midwesterner raised not to talk about myself too much (and yet being very excited about my projects as anyone who has met in-person knows too well), but the interviewer here drew me out nicely, I think.  See if you agree.

Psst, and go buy an e-copy. You know you want one.


Paul Weimer said...

You know, Lyda, a certain person on SF Signal could definitely do an interview with you. And you have his contact information. He could even do it FTF if that is easier for your reticence.

Just say the word...

tate hallaway said...


Sorry I only just got this!