Friday, April 19, 2013

Detour Schedule

I'll be in attendance at Anime Detour in Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend.  Here is my schedule, should you be there and wish to track me down:

Saturday, April 20
Fandom on the Internets (Panelists: Lyda)
Hey guys, I hear there are fandoms on the internet. Come find out if someone on the internet is wrong.

Sunday, April 21
What You Need to Know About Writing (Panelists: Lyda)
So you think you want to be a writer? Writers from many backgrounds will give you some tips and reality checks.

And, of course, I'll be in full cosplay as Renji. I have a date for painting on tattoos and "rocket red" hair dye ready to roll. Oddly, what I don't have is a costume per se. A friend of mine loaned me an approximation of a shihakushĂ´. But, given that I don't really have a decent katana or Zabimaru stand-in, I'm not sure how much it matters. I have a Hello Kitty muscle tee which I could wear if I feel like pushing the gender queerness of it all (since it is HOT pink, not really Renji's color, I don't think), while showing off the tattoos.

It should be... IN-teresting. I'm probably insane. But I've decided that cosplay is like karoke. I'm going to go up there and BELT IT OUT and my friends will probably cringe, but I'll have a good time.

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