Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fan Fiction

I just sent another essay off to Strange Horizon. It's about fan fic, and I ended up wondering why I don't write fan fic. Friends do. I have in the past, the distant past at this point. I have written fiction about people who write fan fic (the hwarhath playwright in Ring of Swords) and people who cosplay (the hwarhath translator in "Holmes Sherlock"). But I have some kind of hostility to writing within a copyrighted universe.

I would hate to believe the reason is snobbery.


Mari Adkins said...

fan fiction - i just can't do it. and i dont' think i'll ever really understand it.

Eleanor said...

Mari -- My essay in Strange Horizon is an attempt to explain some of the reasons people do it. I ran the essay past friends who do fan fic, and they said it sounded reasonable to them. I think -- in the end -- is shares a lot with gaming and LARP and other forms of play. I'm not a game player of any kind.