Saturday, May 04, 2013

New in E-Bookstores Everywehere

Hot off the e-book presses, electrons still smokin' hot, (and, in time for all your May the Fourth science fictional needs):

Fallen Host is the second book in my AngeLINK series.  It was the very first to go out of print.  In fact, I got the notice that it was remaindered just as I learned that it had made the preliminary Nebula ballot.  Consequentially, the available print books were snapped up quickly and bookstores were unable to reorder it.  I was able to buy a number of books from my publisher at discount rates, but, unless you knew that I was selling them through Uncle Hugo's, they were difficult to find.  I once saw a used copy of this book going for $45 on

So, now you can buy it early and often, and I encourage you do to just that!

This novel has some of my favorite Dragon and Page moments in it. It was also interesting to reread now that I know a lot more about Japanese culture, as a significant portion of the book takes place in Tokyo.

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Eleanor said...

Like. The cover is lovely.