Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Character, New Artist

I write so many things these days I'm sure it's hard to follow along, but, if you ARE following the School for Wayward Demons (looking at you, Frank G.) there is a new chapter up: Gabe Sees Demons... And They See Him. Today's story is the introduction of one of "my" characters, Gabe Herrara. The story also features art by Alexis Cooke:

If you didn't know, we actually have TWO artists working on the School for Wayward Demons. So far, you've mostly seen the work of Mandie Brasington, but today, we not only get Gabe's debut, but Alexis' too. This is just a small bit of a large piece I'm sure we'll see later on.

So, go check it out.

Also, if you were expecting a new UnJust Cause chapter today, I'm sorry. Life jumped up and swallowed me whole. I had work today, Japanese class this evening, and things just plied on from there, I guess.

Tomorrow, perhaps!

Also, if you're interested in learning fan fiction from me, Tate Hallaway/Lyda Morehouse, I am co-teaching along with my collaborator Rachel Gold in January at the Loft.  https://www.loft.org/classes/detail/?loft_product_id=96011

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