Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making Light Indices Jul-Sep 2004 Update

Added to the Making Light Indices today–posts from the July-September 2004 archives:

Writing and Fandom

Absolutely fantastic advice for both the seasoned and novice con-goer. 326 comments Aug, 2004. With bonus Nielsen Hayden World-Con schedule content from Patrick plus thread discussion of how that sort of thing works. 147 comments Aug, 2004.

Manucript on ebay. First time author meet AuthorHouse. Scammers who prey on the dreams of writers make me want to throw things. 372 comments Sep, 2004.

Linguistic markers for publishing scams. A thorough dissection of advertising language and how to spot a scam publisher. 290 comments Sep, 2004. Round two, more linguistic markers. 79 comments Sep, 2004.

Making Light wins a Wooden Rocket award. Basically it's an award for best online fanzine. 23 comments Jul, 2004.


USA Today pulls Anne Coulter from coverage of the Democratic convention. Smart decision. Post includes a sample from the editorial on why they did it and shows some of their editorial queries to the alleged writer. 95 comments Jul, 2004.

"Extraordinary rendition" Once again the Bush administration brings shame on the American people. 80 comments Sep, 2004.

The Bush administration as Cthulu Mythos. 50 comments Sep, 2004.


Peppered nectarine salad. 63 comments Aug, 2004.


The great color conspiracy. A nice look at how the Color Marketing Group drives color fashions. 199 comments Jul, 2004.

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