Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

I like dis game!


Butt, I will kill you if it's the last thing I do!


Mine, mine, mine! Or: The writer at work.


Static cling cat is not amused.



Chris said...

Hmm, somehow I thought there was more to being a writer than cuddling kitties all day. ;)

Kelly McCullough said...

If you look behind the head of the white cat you will note a laptop screen on which work may actually be happening. Research, I think, though it might just be web-browsing.

DKoren said...

Love the kitty-in-arms/kitty-in-line picture! That's definitely what my house is like when I'm on the computer. Although usually it's one across the shoulders, one on the lap and one sitting in front of the monitor staring at me. Maybe if I get them some kitty heating pads (or a nice radiator like yours!) they'll vacate me for warmer sleeping spot!

I always look forward to the friday cat pictures!!

Anonymous said...

i love cats who cuddle!!

Douglas Hulick said...



Chris said...

Heh, so you must spend a lot of time saying, "Down in front!" ;)

Chris said...
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Kelly McCullough said...

Mostly with the laptop. Isabelle is really the only one that goes for the TV and only with games. My lap, OTOH, is considered community property.

Kelly Swails said...

Our kitty Moonshine will watch TV if the Cubs are playing. Morgan and I have a daily tug-of-war over my lap when I'm on the computer. And Kahlua ... well, he exists.