Friday, August 11, 2006

Brood on it

Es mejor que tome un café, pues sólo los negros americanos abreban de las aguas negras del imperialismo yanqui.

[Better to drink a coffee, since only the corrupt Americans imbibe the black waters of Yankee imperialism.]

--Guillermo Sánchez de Anda, Yanga: El Guerrero Negro (1998)


Anarkey said...

I would need way more context than is here given to be convinced that the first instance of "negro" means corrupt while the second stands for black.

I'd also have spelled the verb as "abrevan".

Oh, I'm brooding alright.

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Neuraljazz said...

Post a feed link, please.


Bill Henry said...

The quote is from Guillermo Sánchez de Anda's 1998 novel _Yanga: El Guerrero Negro_.

Don Tiburcio admonishes Silverio not to drink Coca-Cola -- "the black waters of Yankee imperialism."

Better to drink a coffee...

Anarkey said...



Context is everything.


(still would have spelled abreban as abrevan, but maybe that's my Castilian showing)

Naomi said...

How do we do a feed? These are a total mystery to me.