Friday, August 11, 2006

Things I Learned Tonight

We had a meeting tonight, without a whole lot to critique. (Two of us handed out tonight, at least, so next time should be a bit busier.) We did manage to spend over two hours hanging out at the coffeehouse, though.

Things I learned at tonight's meeting:

* Hammerhead sharks are the most dangerous shark, and travel in pods of 150. Yet, they hunt alone.

* Tim Powers once almost set fire to his own house in a panicked attempt to get rid of a wasp nest.

* There is a water-skiing baby in Menominee, Wisconsin.

* There was an accident involving a zoo transport recently, but almost all the penguins survived, and so did the octopus. Officials commented that it was fortunate the first truck wasn't the one that overturned, as that one was carrying a bunch of live snakes, plus alligators.

* You can use raisins as fishing bait. Also niblet corn.

* Centipedes eat cockroaches. Therefore, if you live in New York City, you want to share your apartment with centipedes. This seems to me like a good reason to live somewhere else.

* If you go to the Como Zoo, you can watch the cougars trying to stalk any small children who break from the herd.

* There was a home-invasion burglary in Minneapolis this week in which one of the residents of the apartment defended himself with a sword. (A Samurai-style sword, which had been picked up as a souvenier while in Germany. The guy who used it had never studied swordfighting; he swung it like a golf club.) You can read the newspaper article about it here, if you're curious. Anyway, Lyda has a friend who lives in the same apartment building. He posted about it on his own blog, and using the coffeeshop's wireless, Lyda pulled up the entry as we were talking about it. We peered at the pictures and commented that we tend to forget just how much blood would be spewed all over during our fight scenes. (No one died during this burglary, but apparently one of the burglars left behind several fingers.)


Douglas Hulick said...

I learned that you all have a bunch of irrational phobias.

Mine, however, are completely logical, because I know that the cave roof will collapse on, but not kill, me when I am under it. Never mind that it has stood solid for millenia - it will choose that precise moment to cave in and smother me. Really.

As for spiders and sharks? Bring 'em on. ;)

And, actually, we did talk a little about writing, too. Personally, I can never hear Eleanor say, "More is less" enough, because it is good advice and something I tend to forget with my own writing at times. Having it repeated means it may stick in my noggin one of these days. So, for that alone, it was worth making Kelly pay for drinks. :)

Sean M. Murphy said...

Ah, yes, Doug. The cave roof.

But seriously, consider: What are the percent chances of you being caught under a partially collapsed cave? Far more likely, I think, that I will find myself in shark infested waters whose surface is completely covered by deadly spiders, unable to surface or breath. I mean, when consdering phobias, one must at least consider the likelyhood of the thing, no?

Caves collapsing. Hmph.

Douglas Hulick said...

Oh lordy. I just re-read my post. Eleanor always says "Less is more," and NOT what I orginally wrote.

Yet one more example of the joys of trying to write with two sick kids in the house, folks!

Sean M. Murphy said...

Naomi posted a bit about Hammerheads in the original post, and being a lover of information about sharks (read: paranoid phobic about them), I wanted to read more. I found a fantastic wiki about them, with the following snippet included:

"Hammerheads... are also known to form schools during the day, sometimes in groups of over 100. In the evening, like other sharks, they become solo hunters."

They also, apparently, mate, have internal fertilization, and carry live offspiring to term with a placenta and umbilical cord, like a mammal. Fascinating!

And deadly! Yay, Phobias!