Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pixel, Pixel, Pixel, ...Post!

I can certainly get behind Kelly's business sentiments that he's laid out below, and I have to agree rather heartily with Stephanie Zvan's comments in Kelly's post below--assuming that you don't have personal oppoosition to posting your work online, there's no reason that we shouldn't take advantage of Dr. Hendrix's faux pas and the ensuing firestorm turned rally to our best effect.

After all, a spark doesn't start a conflagration unless the right conditions exist: oil in the floorboards, a barn of exceedingly dry hay, or another image of your choosing, but soaked in twice that amount of gasoline. No, more. MORE.

Clearly, the revolution has begun.

So here's the deal, at least as far as I'm concerned. Kelly, I know you're already looking into what Creative Commons licensing is most applicable in this case, and knowing you, you'll have found a few options. Could you post links and info here as to what and where we can access that CC license, and relevant details on the process.

Also, I'm in. I had my reservations about this, but the more it is discussed, and the more fine tuned the idea becomes, the more I'm hearing that people are thinking about the potential hazards and are working through those carefully. I've sold my short story "Gaydar", and I'd happily make at least the beginning of it available online, and let people know where they can find the whole story in the future.

Also, Kelly, what's the process look like for this? Are we going to post a link to the main listing of everybody's works, or does everyone post links to everyone else's work, or do they dirrect traffic here, and from here people can find links to our individual pieces?

And who else is in? Do we have a Wyrdsmiths "block" for people to wander up and down? Who else out there in reader-poster-pixel-land in going to jump this particular shark?

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