Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Title Woes

This happens to me with every book, and I need YOUR help. My editor rejected DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS as a title, because it's been used recently by MaryJanice Davidson. However, they'd still like a title with DEAD in it and, of course, there's an extra constraint... in order to be consistant with the previous books, the title needs to be a description of various states of sexiness, ala. TALL, DARK & DEAD and DEAD SEXY.

Currently, I've suggested DEAD ON, which might do in a pinch, but I'd welcome any and all suggestions. In fact, let's make this a contest.... if anyone from this blog comes up with a title I can use, I'll mention your name in the acknowledgements!

So... ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Dead Hard

Anonymous said...

Dead Quick

Quick and Dead

Quick/Dead (with the slash being integral)

Anonymous said...

Dead Love

Dead Lovely

Dead Dreams

Dead Boned (not really serious about that, but it made me laugh. maybe s/b _Boned Dead_)

Dead Again

Dead Touch

Anonymous said...

Dead Lust

Argue with your editor that you want to insert a comma, and make _Drop-Dead, Gorgeous_ and imperative instead of a descriptive title.

Dead To Me

Dead to the World

Dead and Alone

Left for Dead (My favorite so far)

Anonymous said...

Dead Man's Hand

Anonymous said...

Dead Heat

Dead Heart

... Deadly Liaison? Liaisons?

Dead Right / Rightly Dead

Deadly Dancing (Dance of Death?)

I'm Not Dead (I'm getting better...)

Tempestuous is a fun word, and 'ecstasy' sounds cool, but they're chick lit and that sounds like it's getting into romance territory. :D

Anonymous said...

As The Dead Turn Over

Dead As Stone / Stone Dead

Dead As A Rock

Anonymous said...

Rigor Gorgeous

Mortal Sins

Drop-Dead Naked

Deathly Desire

(Yeah, I know. Since when did I follow rules?)

tate said...

These are all good. I shall see what the publisher says.

Kelly Swails said...

I like Rigor Gorgeous myself ...

Dead and Dangerous

Mr. McDead

Anonymous said...

Who's Your Deady?

Erik Buchanan said...

Dead Elegant

Pretty Stiff (joke)

A Beautiful Corpse

Dying Beauty

The Gorgeous Dead

A Gorgeous Death

Stone Cold Gorgeous

Good Luck!

tate said...

Well, I sent in several of these, including RIGOR GORGEOUS, which made me laugh out loud. Crossing fingers, one of them will work!

lydamorehouse said...

In case someone is still checking in, I think we may have winner. My agent REALLY liked DEAD ON AROUSAL.