Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Title Woes

This happens to me with every book, and I need YOUR help. My editor rejected DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS as a title, because it's been used recently by MaryJanice Davidson. However, they'd still like a title with DEAD in it and, of course, there's an extra constraint... in order to be consistant with the previous books, the title needs to be a description of various states of sexiness, ala. TALL, DARK & DEAD and DEAD SEXY.

Currently, I've suggested DEAD ON, which might do in a pinch, but I'd welcome any and all suggestions. In fact, let's make this a contest.... if anyone from this blog comes up with a title I can use, I'll mention your name in the acknowledgements!

So... ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Dead Hard

Anonymous said...

Dead Quick

Quick and Dead

Quick/Dead (with the slash being integral)

Anonymous said...

Dead Love

Dead Lovely

Dead Dreams

Dead Boned (not really serious about that, but it made me laugh. maybe s/b _Boned Dead_)

Dead Again

Dead Touch

Anonymous said...

Dead Lust

Argue with your editor that you want to insert a comma, and make _Drop-Dead, Gorgeous_ and imperative instead of a descriptive title.

Dead To Me

Dead to the World

Dead and Alone

Left for Dead (My favorite so far)

Anonymous said...

Dead Man's Hand

ryan v said...

Dead Heat

Dead Heart

... Deadly Liaison? Liaisons?

Dead Right / Rightly Dead

Deadly Dancing (Dance of Death?)

I'm Not Dead (I'm getting better...)

Tempestuous is a fun word, and 'ecstasy' sounds cool, but they're chick lit and that sounds like it's getting into romance territory. :D

ryan v said...

As The Dead Turn Over

Dead As Stone / Stone Dead

Dead As A Rock

Sean M. Murphy said...

Rigor Gorgeous

Mortal Sins

Drop-Dead Naked

Deathly Desire

(Yeah, I know. Since when did I follow rules?)

tate said...

These are all good. I shall see what the publisher says.

Kelly Swails said...

I like Rigor Gorgeous myself ...

Dead and Dangerous

Mr. McDead

Sean M. Murphy said...

Who's Your Deady?

Erik Buchanan said...

Dead Elegant

Pretty Stiff (joke)

A Beautiful Corpse

Dying Beauty

The Gorgeous Dead

A Gorgeous Death

Stone Cold Gorgeous

Good Luck!

tate said...

Well, I sent in several of these, including RIGOR GORGEOUS, which made me laugh out loud. Crossing fingers, one of them will work!

lydamorehouse said...

In case someone is still checking in, I think we may have winner. My agent REALLY liked DEAD ON AROUSAL.