Friday, July 06, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 10)

Snarkive diving with a note and a quick question. I'm distilling these down from about two dozen posts to the 2-3 I find most interesting and helpful for writers. I'm going to keep going through the snarkives because I'm enjoying it and I'm learning, but I 'm kind of curious if anyone else is finding it helpful. So...what's the answer? In the meantime, the results of the latest segment.

First, a definitions post on publishing basics, stuff like that. Always worth having available.

Submissions and smoking
--get fresh paper and don't smoke around your query because it permeates the paper--something that never would have occurred to me.

That moment when you realize that the person you're talking to has no clue that there's a difference between reputable publishers and subsidy presses. Been there, done that, chewed the knuckles and then explained things.

Some notes on the differences mentioned above in terms of writer as salesperson for self-published product vs. respected artist. Miss Snark does not think much of the product model, and neither do I.


Tim Susman said...

Kelly, these are helpful. I only came late to Miss Snark's blog and the prospect of wading through the archives is one I would probably leave for a bad case of writer's block. :) So I appreciate the highlights!

Kelly Swails said...

Absolutely, Y. Learning a lot of insights.

Tricia said...

Absolutely. I only just found Miss Snark's blog just as she was closing it down. Is there any chance of these entries being labelled so they are easier to find in the future?