Friday, July 06, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 11)

Further gems from the snarkives:

A really smart way to sort short story markets for who to send to first. My rule is to start with the top paying market and work my way down, with provisos. First, I weight markets that have good turnaround times. Second, I weight markets that are looking for the kind of story I've written for whatever reason; I've sold to them before, they've put out a call for left-handed werewolf carpenter stories, (if you're newbie) they hold slots open for new writers. Third, I weight markets by prestige. Snark's post talks about a great way to look at prestige.

Notes on the used book market, which contained this absolute gem, "ARCs are fearsomely expensive. MORE expensive to produce on a per unit basis than the actual book itself."

Publishing and profit, why it sucks to be a midlister.

Finally, this bit of Miss Snark's advice showed up in several posts and is a damn good one to remember: "Every single time you hear something about publishing keep in mind who is telling you and what their agenda is. If you paid money to hear them, even more so. If they want you to buy more services from them, remember, they aren't providing services out of altruism, they're making money off your ignorance." This is a good sample of why it's being worth my while to read through her old posts.

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