Saturday, August 25, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 38)

Editorial and agency assisstants have an enormous amount of control over your fate. Being nice to them isn't just polite, it's also business smart.

Don't say nasty thing about your publisher in public. It's a dumb idea and this post gives a good rundown of why. Follow up on dissing your publisher.

Don't shoot yourself in the the foot by responding to rejections in an impolite way. Don't do this. Ever.

Miss Snark takes up Neal Gaiman's call for literary wills. Do you know what would happen to your writing if you died suddenly? Do you care? You should.

In the category of things to tell your agent, surgery around the time of a book release ranks right up there. So do things like going out of the country for several months at such a time.

Yes, you do have to have a website if you're publishing.


lydamorehouse said...

Well, I'm probably guilty of being a nit-wit about dissing my publisher in public. I hope, however, I fall more in the catagory of someone who tries to couch it in terms of "the problems with the industry" and "we're all up against the wall."

For me, I think that --carefully said-- these conversations need to happen in a more public forum than the backalley hallways of a con convention. The more a newbie author hears about the pitfalls of our business, the better prepared they are.

Also, I think when we don't talk about some of the problems of the industry, it's easy for some writers (read: me) to tend to blame themselves for the failure of their books.

But, I agree. It's never a good idea to give the big F-YOU to your publisher.

Anonymous said...

I created my will back in teh Spring when I thought it was going to be me donating a kidney to my son. I have both a will-will and a living will. But I did make sure I made provisions for all of my work.