Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Unlikely Sighting

Occasionally a major news article pops up about the sighting of a strange and thought-to-be-extinct bird in in the swamps of Louisiana, or the odd urbanization of voles, or some such thing.

I would hardly expect such grace to befall a semicolon; haven't they been extinct for years?

Thought you'd enjoy that.

P.S. Love that editorial correction at the bottom--NYT made the quintessential mistake with Lynne Truss's book title!


Paul Lamb said...

I always try to find a reason to use a semicolon in whatever I'm writing. I especially like to put them in emails since those are so informal I think it gives them a little punch of soberness.

Sean M. Murphy said...

It's like a subtle weapon for carving open unsuspecting minds.