Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Story Dreams

The first was a typical fantasy quest dream except for a detail which I am totally putting in a book. My weapon was a length of rope with an unbreakable, intelligent, talking, immortal box-turtle on one end--a magical, talking morning-star, and a remarkably cynical one to boot. The turtle had not volunteered for this mission, thank you very much, nor had it signed up as a companion and mentor to heroes. Nope, it just sort of happened that way because it had all of the above-mentioned qualities and a remarkable inability to run away whenever the next damn hero came along. ...Must write.

The other was a writers dream. Big castle hall, young mages squatting on the floor waiting their turn to demonstrate their magics and earn a place at the table of the great. Only, all the mages were writers--it looked like World Fantasy but with a lot more leather. Oh, and I got to follow Bear in the competition. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad that I woke up before I got my chance to compete.

This glimpse into my subconscious provided by lack of sleep inc. All opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not represent any endorsement by the sponsor.


Bethany K. Warner said...

My first attempt at writing a novel was all sparked by a weird dream I had like this -- clocks chiming too many times and the need to call the magical clock repairman. It morphed from there, but the kernel was definitely from the dream.

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, now _I_ want a talking immortal box turtle. . . After chasing a Psycho Vocal Kitty around for the last couple of weeks, turtles seem about my pace. . .

Kelly Swails said...

How do writers express their nerves before a competition to prove their mettle?

Writer A and Writer B stand on line in the ancient halls of Author University for their turn to read a scene of their work. This scene will determine their future in the craft.
Writer A: Listen to this, see if it sounds right.
Writer B: Dude, No. I've listened to this thing twelve times since last night. It's fine.
Writer A: No, no, I completely changed it.
B: What?
A: It wasn't good enough. I had to.
B: Are you insane? The peice you had was perfect, and now you've started from scratch?
A: Yes and yes. Now will you listen?
B: Jesus. Okay.
A: *Reads peice*
B: *Listens intently*
A: Well?
B: *Silence*
A: Oh,my God. I've killed it.
B: *blinks* How is that different from the last draft?
A: I changed "eliminated" to "killed."
B: *blinks*
A: "Eliminated" sounds too clinical to me. You know, like pooping or something.
B: I'm never critiquing you again.
A: What? It completely changed the scene!
B: Just stop talking.

Kelly McCullough said...

That's perfect, X.

Kelly Swails said...

Thanks, dude. Is it wrong to say that it still sorta makes me chuckle?