Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Pay Flash Fiction Market

From Brenna at BroadUniverse:

*Title: Bits of the Dead (An Illustrated Flash Fiction Zombie Anthology)
**Editor: Keith Gouveia
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
Release Date: Late summer/Early fall 2008

What we want: *Flash fiction stories of the undead, with the location, time period andsituation being your choice. Flash fiction can be a tricky art form if not done properly and what we're seeking are zombie tales that suck you in right from the first sentence and yank you by the nostrils straight through to the last. Intensity is key and is the name of the game here. Whether your story is horrific, creepy, emotional, mysterious-it doesn'tmatter. The main thing we're after are hard-hitting tales that convey an intense atmosphere and a strong sense of intrigue that aren't just your run-of-the-mill zombie tales about a dead guy gobbling a human.

However, zombies-chasing-humans stories are allowed, but they must make the reader feel like they're *really there* and can't merely be an entertaining read and an entertaining read only. Again, intensity. What about "other zombies," like zombie dogs or platypi? Glad you asked. You can submit those, too, and if we get enough good ones, such tales will havetheir own section in the book. All stories submitted should range between 100 to 500 words. If you have a slightly longer one (i.e. 525 words) we might consider it, but please don't go over the maximum word count, if you can help it. Stories that stay within the 100 to 500-word limit will get priority.

*What rights do we want?* First print and electronic rights to your story and exclusive rights for 1 year after publication. After that you can resell it or tuck it away for safekeeping. We'd also like to keep the book in print as long as there's a demand for it.

*What we don't want:* Stories that depict the usual no-nos like nudity, explicit sex, child exploitation, racist remarks, etc. Also not allowed are tales containing coarse language and blasphemy. (And with only 100-500 words to work with, why clog it up with filthy language?) No poetry. No reprints either. New stories only, please. Multiple submissions are allowed, but keep it to a maximum of 3.

*What we're making:* *Bits of the Dead* will be published as an illustrated trade paperback andas an eBook.

*What you get:* 5 cents a word and a contributor's copy. The paperback copy of the book will be sent to you upon or shortly after the book's official release date. Payment is based on final word count from the final edited copy of the story so once your story is ready for print, payment will be sent to you via Paypal.

*What to send:* Please send your story in standard manuscript format: Courier 12pt, double-spaced, 1-inch margins around the page, with any italicized words underlined. Also include your name and contact informationon the first page as well as your name in the upper right corner of subsequent pages. Don't forget to also number your pages. Please follow these guidelines to the letter. Submissions that don't will be automatically rejected regardless of the name attached to them.

*Where to send it:* Send all submissions via email to *bitsofthedead at gmail dot com* Please also use the same address for any questions not addressed here.

*When to send it by:* Reading period starts right away and will end at the end of April, 2008. You will be notified by early to mid May if your story is accepted, possibly sooner. (Even right away if we really, really like it.) Thanks.

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