Monday, April 07, 2008

Continued Light Posting

I'll be posting lightly for a while longer. March started bad, got worse and never bounced back. April is not looking promising thus far, but I have hopes. A side note to all that: The good news is that I get to go to WisCon. The bad news is that this is because I don't get to spend two months in Scotland this summer. Not enough students signed up for the Wisconsin in Scotland program and several of the classes, including Laura's were canceled. Bleah, bleah, and double bleah.


Michael Damian Thomas said...

I'm so sorry that the Scotland trip didn't happen. I'll have to buy you a UK beverage at WisCon to ease the pain. :)

WisCon is shaping up to be a fun con for Lynne and me. She should have plenty of NIU SFWA Archive official announcements once it's over, though it will be tough to top the Odyssey Con announcements. Lynne was quite pleased to announce that NIU received its first materials from Elizabeth Bear and Kage Baker this weekend.

Michael Damian Thomas said...


By the way, Jack Byrne said lots of nice things about you and your works on some of his Odd Con panels.

He's worth his percentage.

Take care,

jen@youwouldthink said...

Bummer, dude, I know you were looking forward to that trip for a number of reasons. Sending soul-soothing wishes your way.

Kelly Swails said...

Y: Sorry about Scotland, dude. But on a completely selfish note, yay me! I'll get so see you at WisCon. It's been, what, over two years?

Cherry Leigh Slice said...


Kelly McCullough said...

Michael, Thanks for the sympathy and the note on Jack. He's a great agent for me.

Jen, thanks for the sympathy and the link. Some times life just kicks you in the teeth four or five times in quick succession. Fortunately, smiling keeps your lips out of the way.

X, yah, I am looking forward to WisCon and hanging with a bunch of folks you very much included and the good news bad news thing is definitely a theme here. Laura broke it to her departmental secretary thuswise "I have good news for you and bad news for me."

Cherry, great to chat with you the other day and catch up on friends and family.

Kimberly Frost said...


Super sorry to hear about Scotland. :( Hope WisCon goes great and eases the disappointment.

Hang in there,