Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Star Challenge: Archangel Protocol

Joining in the "one star review" challenge, here's the worst thing anyone had to say about Archangel Protocol. (I quote it here, in full) Interestingly, I had not read this until now:

I read a lot, of both science fiction and non-fiction (history, science, economics, theology, etc.). Of the 300-400 books I start each year, I finish all but a handful. This book was in that sub-elite company. It fails as science fiction, fails as religous commentary, and fails as character fiction.
The science fictional aspects of it remind one of a sad retread 1980's cypberpunk novel - the private investigator, the mysteriously competent friends, the decaying urban setting...but with none of the freshness that this trope used to display.

The theological commentary was a sledgehammer being used to operate on china - yes, yes, extreme right wing patriarchal preachers are bad. Right, got it. Now, please stop ranting; it's page 14 and I'm already sick to death of it.

The characters are poorly drawn, and the dialogue is a bit embarassing to read.

I could not force myself to get beyong 150 pages, even though I tried several times. A friend bought the book at the same time that I did, because we'd both read the same good review (Locus?), and he couldn't even make it as far as I did.

In conclusion, I'm mystified at the good press this freshman attempt is getting Heck, I'm mystified that it wasn't left in the slush pile.


Anonymous said...

Heck, I'm mystified that they took that many words to say they didn't like it.

Kelly Swails said...

Oooouuuuch. That sucks.

Nicole Lorenz said...

Wow. Every aspect of the book this guy thinks was done horribly was something I thought was done marvelously. Something to be said for audience, maybe?

I love the phrase "mysteriously competent friends," though.