Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Since I barely saw my fellow Wyrdsmiths at the con, I would be interested in how it went for them.

I had my usual exhausting time. I will never learn to pace myself. Patrick and I take highway 12 to and from the con. It's slower, but more restful and prettier than the interstate. Driving home, we saw a porcupine waddling across the highway. It made it safely, then sat down and used one hind leg to scratch itself on the chin, then waddled on.

I like porcupines, maybe because they are spiny and ridiculous. I can identify with that. They are also dangerous. I found a video on line of someone feeding a baby porcupine. You do it with thick gloves.

My next con with be Fourth Street Fantasy, which will be much more restful. I am going because a couple of friends are going. I will hang out with them and maybe sit in on a panel or two. I will not have the driven feeling that I am surrounded by 1,000 interesting people and this is my one chance to talk to them.

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MaggieDR said...

I enjoyed seeing you on the panel about "Aging SF/F Writers". I will be attending 4th Street too, so maybe I can actually meet and talk to you there.