Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging--25 Below Edition

Hey look, a cat on a radiator:


And another one:


I'm sensing a theme here:


And a cat in a fleece basket on a radiator:


Meg, of course, has to be different. Cat in a down comforter:



Mari Adkins said...

Man and I thought it was cold here in Kentucky this morning. Our windchill was -12*...:shudder:

Kelly McCullough said...

Yeah, it was pretty brutal out there this morning, wind chill in the -40 range. If I didn't have a deadline I'd probably have curled up on a radiator myself.

Mari Adkins said...

sounds like a warm, lovely plan to me! (the radiator, not the deadline lol)

Douglas Hulick said...

My kids have taken to curling up on our radiators in the morning, especially Cameron. And, at night, I can often see his head poking over from the radiator behind the couch while watching TV.

Methinks I will not be building the enclosed radiator covers I had been envisioning (at least for a while).

Eleanor said...

Lovely photos, Kelly. It has been cold, but 21 above today (MLK Day).