Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Fun, New Market (from BU)

This from Broad Universe. It pays, but not a lot. I thought mostly people might be interested to check in once they start running the winning articles of their "Write What You Know" columns... it might make for a good writing resource:

In November, my husband and I started a monthly Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine.

At Crossed Genres Magazine, we're all about genre-blending, and we are currently accepting submissions for the Science Fiction/Fantasy and CRIME issue. The submissions guidelines and compensation for fiction, non-fiction,and art are slightly different, so please read the submissions page carefully. (

We are also having a contest this month; The Write What You Know Contest. From the Website: "Share with us the subject that you know most intimately and meticulously. Present your knowledge in a way that a reader could use it to portray the subject accurately in a tale. Who knows? Maybe your article will inspire someone to write a brilliant story! "The best three articles will be selected and published (one at a time)in the next three issues of Crossed Genres (Issues 4, 5 & 6, March, April & May 2009). The writers will receive our standard compensation($10 flat rate plus 25% discount on purchases of the issue, 2 copies max) PLUS an ad space on the site FREE for one (1) month!" ( Visit Crossed Genres Magazine at

Thank you!
--K.T. Holt

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