Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Smart Things--Heaps

A lot of people are saying smart things about writing and the book biz.

Kaigou on the bookstore end of the biz.

Diana Peterfreund on writing synopses.

Elizabeth Bear on writing people who are not just like you.

Agent Kristin on cover consultation and, agent workload and picking up new authors. Plus more follow up on that query.

Justine Larbalestier on everything: Getting published. On characterization with an assist from Sarah Monette. On getting started. There is no wrong way to write a novel. On one character in search of a story. On insertion of backstory. On somebody else just published my WIP.

Finally, this has nothing to with writing, but it's way cool: Using ecoli to make a better fuel.


lydamorehouse said...

I read Bear's stuff. It's pretty useful, although if you're not thinking like that already, I'm not sure her post is going to open eyes.

Anonymous said...

It does serve as a good reminder, though. Occasionally, we need to bump into the mirror to remember that what we're looking at isn't really us--it's just flat surface and a bunch of deflected photons.