Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naomi's WisCon Schedule

WisCon really sneaked up on me this year.

Being in a Writing Group
Sunday, 10-11:15 a.m., Conference 5
S. N. Arly (Moderator), F.J. Bergmann, Deborah Lynn Jacobs, Naomi Kritzer, Sean M. Murphy
How do writing groups work? What are their pros and cons? How does one handle envy and excessive competition? How does one maintain one's one vision, when the rest of the group does not agree?

Fiction Writing in the Age of Fast Information
Sunday, 2:30–3:45 pm, Caucus
Fred Schepartz (moderator), Gwynne Garfinkle, Theodora Goss, Andrea D. Hairston, Naomi Kritzer, Ann Leckie
You're sitting at your computer writing your novel or short story. A question comes to mind. In days of yore, you would head to the library to get your answer. Now, you just Google it. A treasure trove of information is right there at your fingertips, but does it ever become a barrier to good writing and storytelling? Will writers skip the process of exhaustive research before they write a single word in favor of a process done on a need to know basis? Is that a problem? And with so much readily available information, are writers in danger of loading their work with trivia that adds little to the actual story?

Is Science Fiction the New Reality?
Mon, 10:00–11:15 am, Caucus
K. Tempest Bradford (moderator), Richard Chwedyk, James Frenkel, Naomi Kritzer, Shira Lipkin
Star Trek offers a vision of the future that includes personal, networked communicators, talking, intelligent computers, and the tricorder, a portable, hand-held networked computing device. Today we have cellphones, IBM's Watson,and the iPad. Are we already living in the science-fiction future? What does this mean for writers of speculative fiction?

There's also:
Sunday night, 8:45-ish until the last Wyrdsmiths standing says, "OK, everyone out. I wanna go collapse into a bed."
Eleanor A. Arnason, Douglas Hulick, Naomi Kritzer, Kelly McCullough, Sean Murphy. (Lyda, alas, is not going to make it.)

I'm not going to the Sign Out; I decided two years ago that I would bypass it until I once again had something to sign. I do, as it happens, have two self-published short story anthologies ... but they're e-books. (I've heard discussion of how it might be possible to autograph an e-book but in a "they could do it THIS way" context.) Anyway, if you want me to sign something, just flag me down and I'll sign whatever, whenever (but not at the Sign-Out because I won't be there.)

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