Friday, July 22, 2011


I think there's an argument for small cons. Convergence is wonderful, but it's also overwhelming. A three ring circus, an over-the-top extravaganza. Even a con of under 1,000 can be tiring. Wiscon is to me, since I've gone to it for decades and know way too many people. I always miss the chance to spend time with most of them. Instead I go through the halls saying, "Hi," and not much more.

I'm glad that we have Minicon and Marscon in town, both of which are considerably larger than Diversacon, but well under 1,000. But 400+ people is still a lot. And the larger a con is, the more it's a spectator sport (if one is watching) or a performance (if one feels onstage).

I've been a show off since childhood, but I'm also introverted. Which means I perform at cons, but I find it stressful and not entirely true to who I am.

Diversicon is a quiet weekend with not very many people. Maybe I will get the chance to talk with friends, including ones I rarely see. Maybe I will meet new people and have a chance to actually spend time with them, which tends not to happen at busier conventions. I don't feel the need to show off. I can relax.

It's different pleasure than a con full of people and events. But it's a nice mid-summer break.

And Lyda and I are going to be on a Thor panel. I intend to enjoy that a lot.

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