Friday, July 22, 2011

More on Diversicon

I certainly never meant to imply that a small con isn't a great deal of fun. In fact, I was merely trying to coax more people into coming and enjoying the awesome that is Diversicon.

Some of my very best one-on-one experiences have been in very small cons. I got to spend an hour interviewing Neil Gaiman at a con with even fewer attendees than Diveriscon often expects. At the same con, I had a fantastic panel with him talking about comic books... something I would never be able to do at a con the size of CONvergence or even WisCON because there are simply so many professionals for the programming folks to choose from...

Anyway, to continue to sell you on Diversicon let me give you this tantalizing bit from their Facebook page: "Diversicon is a serious, nerdy SF/Fantasy convention held in the Minneapolis/St Paul area..."

Dude, they had me at "nerdy."


Paul Weimer said...

I'm tempted to come, Lyda...I can be somewhat shy and reserved in person, as you might remember from experience.

tate hallaway said...

Well, Paul, this is the perfect con for you. Shy people are very welcome because it's much more "intimate" in that you don't have to push through crowds to talk to people you are interested in.

I hope you do decide to do it. I promise to be extra nice and friendly!