Thursday, September 01, 2011


Here are the covers for the second book in the Tales of the Kin cycle, Sworn in Steel:
(click on either one to enlarge)



Current release date is slated for early April, 2012.

Also, in related news, Among Thieves and Sworn in Steel have both sold in Poland and Russia, while rights to Among Thieves recently sold to Bulgaria. My characters are now much better traveled than I am, but I'm not complaining. :)

ETA: And yes, the extra rapier across Drothe's back on the U.S. cover is there for a reason.... ;)


Bill Henry said...

Looking good, Doug.

Guess I'd better update that darn website soon.

Sean M. Murphy said...

Very nice! I think the UK covers are growing on me. Thank you for sharing them!

tate hallaway said...

Very nice. Congrats!

Naomi said...

Those are both good, but I LOVE the UK one.

Kelly McCullough said...

Pretty spiffy.

Eleanor said...

Nice. I like the UK one somewhat better, but they will both sell books.