Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starting off the New Year with a Bang

I was updating my static web site and it occurred to me that I should probably let folks over here know what I'm up to.

A lot of people have asked me if any of the AngeLINK books will ever be available in electronic format. The answer is yes. I am working on reformatting a very messy electronic file for Archangel Protocol that I had to steal (from myself) off Torrent. The other books, I have in e-files that are still in usable form. So, I suspect once I get through that, the others will quickly follow. I am hiring someone to do a nice job of them. They should be available in all e-reader formats. Hopefully, that will happen this year.

I had some short story sales that I haven't mentioned.

Tim Leider has accepted "God Box," a science fictional retelling of the golden hemorrhoid story from Samuel 1, for KING DAVID AND THE SPIDERS OF MARS. KING DAVID... is the second Biblical horror anthology to come out from Dybbuk Press, and is a follow-up to the wildly popular SHE NAILED A STAKE THROUGH HIS HEAD (in which my story "Jawbone of an Ass" appears.)

Earlier, I sold a reprint of "Tutivillius" to Michael Mirriam for his second Northern Lights Anthology. For those few who came to the Diversicon reading of this story, it's the one about a female demon who has been charged with collecting words mangeled during the performance of Mass. It's my most Catholic story (there's even a discussion about transubstantiation in it,) but it's also very sweet. I'm pleased it's found a bigger home. It's only previous publication was in a Wyrdsmiths' chapbook.

Speaking of chapbooks, I'm currenly working on an AngeLINK short story that will appear in the Galyaxicon 2012 program book/chapbook. Apparently, Wendy Pini will also be producing some original art for the chapbook, so this is certainly something y'all will want to get your hands on if at all possible. Be sure to check out for information!

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